Trolley Brick 40 Pieces

It is a product that develops your child’s imagination and creativity by combining it in different shapes and forms and allows children to have fun.


Trolley Bricks 40 Pieces

Our Trolley Bricks 40 Piece product is a product that consists of 18 Large and 18 Small Bricks in Various Colors, Supports Children’s Preschool Motor Skills, Develops Your Child’s Imagination and Creativity by Combining them in Different Shapes and Forms, and Allows Children to Have Fun.

Box Content: 5 Long Bricks Red, 5 Long Bricks Blue, 4 Long Bricks Green, 4 Long Bricks Yellow, 4 Short Bricks Green, 5 Short Bricks Blue, 5 Short Bricks Red, 4 Short Bricks Yellow , 3 Brick Trolleys Yellow and User Manual

Usage Age: 3+ Years
Product Weight: 5.50 Kg
Raw materials suitable for children’s health are used.
Security Tests Have Been Done. Certificates Available.
Trolley Bricks 40 Pieces Bag Dimensions: 49 x 37 x 31 cm

Product Dimension Square: 12.5×12.5x Ø5 cm Rectangular: 12.5x24x Ø5 cm


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